BeFaster Lite is light version of BeFaster.

Anal Fissure (Tear) and Hemorrhoids (Piles)
Treatment with herbal tablet
Just use for 10 days.
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BeFaster vs. BeFaster Lite

  1. BeFaster includes manual optimization for advanced users.
    BeFaster Lite does not include manual optimization.
    If you prefer to use only automatic optimization of BeFaster,
    you may use BeFaster Lite.
  2. BeFaster has better interface.
    BeFaster Lite has simple interface.
    BeFaster Lite is designed for novice or beginner users.
  3. BeFaster have Records function to share and try different settings.
    BeFaster Lite does not have Records function.
    You can share the customs settings with your friends.
  4. BeFaster has multi-language mini-help files with multi-language interface.
    BeFaster Lite has only multi-language interface and English help file.
  5. BeFaster has an improved functions. For example: ability to change skin and theme.
    BeFaster Lite does not have.

Who needs BeFaster Lite ?

if you have Slow Connection if you want to speed up your connection
if you want to reduce Ping time of games if you visit Streaming Video Sites
if you want to Prevent Connection Drops with Super-Ping Tool if you want to Surf Faster, Video Chat Faster, Download Faster
if you want to awake up your suspended connections with Ping-Now function if you don't need additional features of BeFaster

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