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"My idea is to make a program which makes a dial-up user to use his phone only to connect to the ISP after the connection has been established the phone disconnects but still the program keeps the user joined to the network using some thing like the ping tool ."
Ramesh Chandra
"I installed BeFaster yesterday and still under the 15-days trial. The download speed has increased outer my DSL-limits. Amazing.... I didn't try BeFaster Lite yet. I guess the performance is the same."
Long Tiet, from Norway
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"I found this to be a great program, it speeded up my Verizon DSL connection after Verizon told me that there wasn't anything that they could do."
"After trying 3 or 4 other software titles to get 'that little extra tweak', I downloaded your app. and was surprised to see an immediate increase in loading web pages that have complex and varied formats on them (like ABCNEWS.COM). The difference and increase was so striking and apparent, that I purchased 'Be Faster' the same day. Even with a DSL line, it was the difference between 'day and night' Congratulations on creating a great piece of software. I also enjoy that you give so many different combinations to choose from or to make up my own changes. Thanks for a job well done."
Robert Tramontino
"By the way, your program is the best of all that I have tried by far, and I have tried 40 some programs .I gladly give you permission to use my name as a testimonial."
Glenn Fisk
"Great program. It really helps on optimizing my internet connection speed. I can't surf without it."
Jake Santos from Philippines
"It's nice, really solved some connection problems."
Skerra Dakar
"It helps me a lot ; saving time and money"
Azanil Bin Ahmad
"BeFaster is the only program which has made improvements in my download speed. Others I've tried have either done nothing at all or actually made downloads even slower. I'd recommend BeFaster to anyone!"
Mike Stewart
"Great browser support and modem tweaker"
Mansur Samarista
"Very good program, the internet became more faster 400%"
Hassan Mohamed Desouky
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